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Ay Caramba!

Patron/ginger beer/jalapeno simple syrup/fresh lime juice

High Tea

EG Windsor Earl Grey & sage vodka/ginger beer/agave/fresh lime juice

Kentucky Derby

Maker's Mark/lemon juice/bitters/orange wheel

Ooh La La

Grey Goose/lavender liqueur/elderflower liqueur/fresh lemon juice/ginger beer


Tickled Pink

EG Inspiration lavender & rosemary vodka/rose liqueur/simple syrup/fresh lemon juice

Chai Tea-ni

chai spice liqueur/gold rum/fresh lime juice/topped with ginger ale

The Elder Fog

Bombay Sapphire gin/elderflower liqueur/fresh lemon


Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

espresso coffee/Irish cream/Stoli vanilla vodka/coffee liqueur

Lightning Bug Moonshine

Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine/basil-infused simple syrup/fresh lemon juice/splash of grenadine/club soda

Cool as a Cucumber

Effen cucumber vodka/elderflower liqueur/club soda/cucumber-infused simple syrup/fresh lime juice

Good Ol’ Fashioned

Knob Creek Rye/sugar/maraschino cherry/dash of bitters/splash of water

South of the Border

Tequila/triple sec/rose liqueur/fresh lime juice/simple syrup

Sweet & Sassy

coconut rum/pineapple juice/jalapeno-infused simple syrup